Client Testimonials

Behind every business are real people.

We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best executives, investors, and lenders in the business. Here’s what some of them have said about their experience working with us.

“Working with the Forbes Team was more than executing a transaction. They took the time to learn our business and help us understand our true value factors. This understanding, combined with their professional insight and experience, allowed us to position our company to gain maximum value and return. There is a reason why they win awards year after year.”

Mike Naclerio


“After decades of building a company from start-up, it was very important to find the right partner to take the company to the next level.  The team at Forbes knew the business, understood our objectives, and found the ideal partner.  We found that the process can be complex, but Forbes was key to getting it done. From identifying the right group to maximizing our value, and ultimately continuing our legacy, Forbes Partners was there from start to finish.”

Scott Richter

Piranha Brands

“Forbes looked at the transaction from every angle, from how ongoing customer contract negotiations could impact value, to helping vet our combined organizational structure. They provided tremendous value.”

Preston Munsch


“The Forbes group realized us a much larger valuation than we ever thought was possible. We really came to see them as members of the management team, helping to guide us through every aspect of this critical transaction.”

Kurt Stricker

Pedigree Ovens & The Pound Bakery

“Besides getting premium value and terms, my goal was to find the perfect buyer to take over the incredible organization we had built.  The bar I set for the transaction seemed insurmountable, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. The team at Forbes showed incredible tenacity and focus throughout our process, resulting in the ideal buyer and a very positive outcome for me and ATC.”

Ken Alley

Automotive Titling Corporation

Forbes recognized that our small team is capable of doing big things in a global market and drove valuation that exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with the Forbes team!”

David Speer

Lighting Analysts

“I am happy to have found such a great team to lead us through this exit. Forbes really took the time to internalize our goals, which varied from shareholder to shareholder, and created a process that met the needs of all of us.  The Forbes team was targeted in their marketing and found a buyer that really valued what my partners and I have built, even amidst this challenging environment.”

Aaron Ellsworth

Evergreen Home Healthcare

“The team at Forbes Partners were the perfect advisors to guide me through the complexities and challenges of the sale process. The Forbes team worked diligently during unprecedented circumstances (COVID-19 pandemic) and delivered a great result!”

Jay Schneiders

Red Horse Oil

“We chose Forbes because of their reputation and their deep knowledge of the SaaS sector. They helped us to navigate through obstacles and served as a voice of reason among the varied parties throughout the process.”

Todd Litzman


“Forbes Partners was recommended to us as a company that would truly partner with us to achieve our goals.”

Mike Franklin


“From identifying the perfect buyer, to maximizing our value, and ultimately continuing our legacy, the Forbes Partners team was there from start to finish.”

Stephanie White

Top Gun

“We knew this would be a robust and competitive process and were confident that the Forbes team would do a great job for us.  They reached out to both national and international targets, found the right buyer, and the deal was done quickly.”

Todd Saemisch

Lighting Analysts

“We wanted to entrust the business to an advisor with similar core values and high-quality standards.”

Tom Tolkacz


“PASCO selected Forbes Partners amongst competing advisory firms because of their reputation for identifying excellent strategic partners.”

Ryan Zeiger


“They exceeded every expectation by taking the time to understand our objectives, delivering the best possible partner and terms.”

Christine Crane


“Forbes is like a bulldog with a rag in its mouth.  If there is a deal that serves the interests of their client, those guys don’t let go until it crosses the finish line.”

Bob roth

Kutak Rock

Forbes Partners blew us away. They were clearly different than the other firms we talked to, and delivered above and beyond what they promised. No question they got the best deal for us. They are trusted advisors and friends, and we’ll continue to refer the business. I have a deep appreciation for Forbes Partners’ professionalism and efforts on my behalf.”

Jerry Schreiber

Brookside Flies

Their guidance was invaluable as we reviewed offers and negotiated a deal structure that was exactly what we needed.”

Doug Larson

Eldorado Artesian Springs Water

“Their industry knowledge, relationships with buyers, extensive transaction experience, and adaptive and creative deal making were essential in achieving an outcome that met our goals”

Tres Coors

Novelty Lights

“In preparation to sell, Forbes Partners helped us take a hard look at every aspect of our business and worked with us on marketing and positioning. Then, they quickly came up with the right buyer that exactly matched our strategic goals. From beginning to end they have been on our side. I believe Forbes Partners is the best company we could have trusted to handle our acquisition.”

Mark Tasker


“The entrepreneurial background and experience of Forbes Partners’ advisors created a strong collaborative relationship. Bill and Jim were unwavering in their advocacy and personally committed to ensuring that we not only received a successful financial outcome, but that we consummated a transaction that was consistent with the long-term goals, culture and vision of the Populus team.”

Laura Hutchings


“Working with two very experienced dealmakers brought tremendous thought leadership to the process. Bob and Adams worked closely with our partners to first clarify the objectives and define the criteria for the acquisition. Forbes Partners then engaged the market for suitable candidates, and helped us carefully evaluate each potential company. The end result was an acquisition that is the absolute right match for our company and our clients.”

bob hottman


“When it came time to sell, I knew we needed help from senior level transaction advisors with deep knowledge of our space. Fortunately, we found Forbes Partners. They were instrumental in managing the entire selling process for us. With their assistance, we successfully closed a deal that was in the best interest of all parties.”

steve drazga

Energy Central