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Financial Technology and Services Guide

by | Feb 2, 2024 | FinTech, Guides, Technology

Per McKinsey & Company, revenue in the fintech sector is expected to grow about 2.5 times faster than traditional banking revenue over the next five years—putting traditional financial services businesses on high alert. There’s incredible demand for apps, software, and other digital technology that simplifies how consumers and businesses access and manage their finances and complete financial transactions. And there’s no shortage of businesses responding to that rapidly growing need, from startups to mature Fortune 1000 companies. Fintech services have become must-have tools for consumers and businesses that are eager to simplify their banking, payments, lending, investment management, and other critical financial tasks.

Download the FinTech Guide to Learn:

    • Current and projected growth
    • The trends driving consumer behavior in this category
    • Why investors find this sector appealing right now
    • What buyers look for in a target FinTech business
    • What to think about before selling your company
    • What to think about before acquiring a FinTech business
    • How to raise capital

Download the Guide: