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How to Use Industry Awards to Evaluate the Right M&A Partner 

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Articles, Bob Forbes, Business Services

Last year, there were more than 21,000 M&A deals conducted in the United States. Industry predictions believe that number will continue to rise in 2022 despite a questionable global economic landscape. If your company is contemplating an M&A transaction this year, the first step to ensuring success is finding the right advisors.  

Industry Recognition and Evaluations 

One method of evaluating prospective advisors is to utilize the same credentials and qualifications that several of the industry’s top recognitions employ. For example, the Global Advisory Experts Awards examine firms based on innovation, successful outcomes and financial performance. The International M&A Awards highlight companies which display a targeted focus on transaction values, industry representation and methodology. Awards such as these have been developed over the years to shine a spotlight on companies that have proven track records and meet strict criteria which serve as a strong foundation for evaluating credibility, professionalism and fit.  

If your company is considering significant moves now or in the future and therefore, seeking transactional guidance, it would make solid financial and business sense to adhere to similar guidelines as some of these leading industry awards and look for a firm that can do the following: 

  • Provide sound expertise in your industry and demonstrate the ability to leverage that knowledge to construct compelling cases for companies in your transactional value level. 
  • Demonstrate a proven client track record that includes sellers of private and publicly owned businesses, strategic buyers and private investment groups in the middle market.  
  • Employ a proactive team with a comprehensive due diligence process and an understanding of where the industry is headed, what that means for your company, and how to proactively position the best-case scenario. 
  • Design processes to engage the best targets with the right strategy thus expediting understanding and ensuring an efficient and successful outcome. 
  • Offer access to superior connections and worldwide coverage to maximize opportunities.  
  • Create ownership transition and management buyout plans with out-of-the-box thinking to find the ideal fit and make each deal a success.   
  • Assess alternatives for capital structures and shareholder liquidities that help maximize value and reduce risk. 
  • Deliver a well-rounded team of senior-level advisors who understand your company’s unique value and partner with you to close the best deal with the highest value and return.  

For more information on what to consider when selling your business, contact the Forbes M+A Team.