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Selling your Home Health Care Business: An Interview with a Serial Buyer

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Forbes Insider Series, Healthcare

In this edition of the Forbes Insider Series, Forbes Managing Director Dan Roth interviews Cullen Knights, CFO and Head of Strategy at TEAM Services Group, on what potential buyers of home health care business are looking for right now. Enter your contact information below to download the complete interview.

What You’ll Learn

  • A buyer’s strategy based on long-term relationships and stewardship
  • Important factors to consider when structuring the sale of your company, including equity rollover
  • The pros and cons of earnouts vs. cash

About the Forbes Insider Series

Selling a company is the most consequential financial event in the life of a business owner. Our quarterly in-depth interviews with buyers in the Home Health Care industry give you critical insight from someone who actually buys middle market businesses like yours. There are thousands of articles out there, but none can give you this deeper understanding of what, specifically, your potential buyers are looking for right now. Providing relevant and useful information is just one of the ways Forbes advocates for you, helping to ensure you get full value from your sale and leave nothing on the table.

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